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South Hook LNG

Giving a helping hand to our community fundraisers

7th Jun 18

A number of local community groups and charities have received a financial boost from South Hook LNG, thanks to the fundraising efforts of people across the Company.

Supporting our staff in their community volunteering activities.

7th Jun 18

A number of our own staff are active in the community, spending hours of their time, involved in community ventures that mean something to them.

SwimNarberth given a boost from South Hook LNG

4th Apr 18

A project to enhance changing facilities for disabled users at community- owned Narberth Swimming Pool has received a £5,000 boost from South Hook LNG’s Community Fund.

Volunteers add a splash of colour to much-loved Community Centre

26th Feb 18

A day of decorating has seen South Hook LNG add its support to the huge community effort that is breathing new life into the Hubberston & Hakin Community Centre.

South Hook LNG supports Lifesaving Equipment

17th Jan 18

Tenby & Saundersfoot Community First Responders have placed six lifesaving defibrillators at locations in the south of the County, following a £5,000 boost from South Hook LNG’s Community Fund.