We are proud to offer a financial award that helps Pembrokeshire students excel in their chosen field of study.

Supporting Young People in our Community

Applications for the South Hook Scholarship – an award of £5,000, as well as the opportunity to join us at the Terminal for a period of work-experience, will open in Spring 2024.

Applications are welcome from students who are in any year of their undergraduate course, studying a range of disciplines from Engineering, Procurement and Human Resources to Business, IT and Law, to name but a few.

Students will need to have completed the majority of their secondary education in Pembrokeshire – either in academic or vocational courses - and have secured a place on an undergraduate degree in a British University.

To be eligible for the Scholarship:

  • You must have completed the majority of your secondary education in Pembrokeshire
  • You have completed either A Levels or equivalent vocational qualifications
  • You are studying at a University in the United Kingdom
  • You are a resident in the UK and classified as paying UK tuition fees


Scholarship Awards July 2023

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