Our absolute priority is the safety of our entire operation

South Hook LNG Terminal is an Upper Tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) regulated site. Our entire operation is underpinned by the highest regard for safety – that of our staff, our visitors, our community and the environment in which we operate.

Multiple layers of protective safety systems maintain the highest safety standards at all times.

The commitment to safety at South Hook LNG Terminal is evident throughout the organisation. We strongly believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable and strive to instil a culture of continual improvement in our safety practices. Leadership in this area is centred around a structured Safety, Security, Health & Environment Management System (SHEMS) that is instrumental in setting clear expectations, as well as clarity around how our actions are evaluated.

As a core Value for our organisation, every member of the South Hook LNG team takes responsibility for the ongoing commitment to achieving our safety goals.

Our Foundation Policies

One of our foundation policies is the Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Policy. Engendering a culture of Safety, Security, Health and the protection of our Environment at South Hook LNG Terminal is the key focus of this Policy