South Hook LNG is committed to having professional and ethical relationships with its suppliers.


Registration Process

We look for competent suppliers and contractors with proven experience in the Oil and Gas industry to provide goods and services to support our operations, meet the Company’s high standards for safety, quality and availability and achieve the best value for money.

If you would like to register your interest in working with South Hook LNG Terminal, please email the following information to:

  • Company profile (including company registration number)
  • Contact details (including a link to the Company website)
  • Goods and/or Services offered
  • Location from which Goods and/or Services will be provided
  • Overview of work within Oil and Gas in the last 5 years

Your application will be reviewed and held on file until a business need arises. Please note that any submission of interest does not guarantee inclusion to any of
South Hook LNG Terminal's pre-qualifications or tenders.

We thank you for your interest.