First Community Day

September 2013

The First Community Day

Community and voluntary groups across our county received ‘hands-on’ help from staff volunteers at our Terminal.

Varied tasks were undertaken by eight teams.

The day was supported by Pembrokeshire Association of Volunteers Services (PAVS) through their network of volunteer organisations.

Many of our staff continue to volunteer in their own time, having been inspired by the work

Stackpole Mencap Walled Garden

The Mencap Walled Garden Project works with people with learning difficulties to provide training and work experience in the garden.

A number of the windows needed painting before winter set in so we sent in the ‘A Team’!


Withybush General Hospital - Patient Garden Projects

Volunteers spent the day cutting, pruning and sweeping.



Adam’s Bucketful of Hope

This charity has created a ‘haven’ for individuals and their families who have been touched by illness.

Our team helped to create a new outdoor area for relaxation.


Glan-y-Mor Community Farm:  (supported by Green Links, a Community Interest Company (CIC))

The Community Farm, based at Pembroke School, provides vocational training for anybody who wants to get involved, such as small animal care, tractor driving and small tree felling.

A team of six volunteers spent the day engaging with animals, including some rather moody geese, as well as erecting a tall pole, to be used as a buzzard perch.


Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust 

Formed in 2002 with the aim of restoring and safeguarding the rivers, lakes and wetlands of Pembrokeshire.

Pulling up Himalayan Balsam stems our volunteers helped protect the river bank from erosion and preserving natural diversity.



FRAME provides a supportive working environment for individuals with disabilities, including mental ill health, learning difficulties and those socially disadvantaged and/or excluded.

The community group encourages and promotes the use of sound environmental practices by extending the useful life of furniture and other household items which are then sold at extremely good prices in the onsite FRAME shop.


Pembroke 21 Community Interest Company (CIC)

Projects include training in conservation and woodland management skills as well as providing employment and revenue for the local community.

Done through a woodland management programme, including coppicing, charcoal making and managing and improving biodiversity and habitats.

Team briefing at Kingsmill Wood before donning dust masks for charcoal making.


St John’s Community Hall - Pembroke Dock

St John's Community Hall is a busy Community Centre, located in the heart of Pembroke Dock, used for a variety of activities from luncheon clubs to bowls and the Scouting Association.

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