South Hook LNG Calendar 2018

July 2017

South Hook LNG Calendar 2018

This year, we have a special challenge for Pembrokeshire schools!  To mark our tenth annual calendar competition, we are offering a prize of £1,000 to Pembrokeshire schools and a chance to feature in the South Hook LNG 2018 calendar.

The competition is challenging schools to work together as a team to build a sculpture of an existing, or new, school or team mascot out of recycled materials

Schools in the county will have already received a poster, introducing the competition. By launching the competition ahead of the summer break, we are hoping that staff, members of PTAs, Friends Associations and schoolchildren will have further opportunity to put on their creative hats and get involved early!

Using old remnants and scraps, school teams might choose to build their sculpture solely from cardboard tubes or be inspired to fashion their mascot out of slightly unusual recycled materials that might include old toys, driftwood or bottle corks.

Twelve winning mascots will feature in the 2018 calendar, with each school’s PTA or Friends Association, receiving a prize of £1,000.

For further information, including the rules of entry, contact:


Image caption: Recycled Art Doctor’s Head / Andrei Sikorskii / ThinkStock

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