Spectacular ‘Wonders’ celebrated in the South Hook LNG 2020 Calendar Competition

11th Dec 19

Twelve Pembrokeshire schools have each won £1,000 following their success in the South Hook LNG 2020 Calendar Competition, the Company has announced.
Teams of schoolchildren were challenged to work together, building a sculpture that recreated one of the recognised ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. 
Drawing inspiration from a wide range of natural and man-made creations, the annual competition sparked a huge number of entries from schools across Pembrokeshire.
From the classic seven wonders of the ancient world, to the seven natural wonders or the seven incredible state-of-the-art man-made structures, entries reflected a huge amount of research, as well as creative talent.
Mariam Dalziel PR Manager South Hook LNG said “We chose the competition theme carefully, one that feeds into key curriculum activities, maximising the educational value of the competition, as well as providing much scope for creativity and teamwork.”   Mariam continued “Congratulations to the twelve winning schools, and thank you to all the schools who entered, giving our judges a challenging time!”
World wonders such as ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’, ‘Victoria Falls’, ‘Easter Island Heads’ and ‘Christ the Redeemer’, were just a few of the winning sculptures.  All twelve sculptures, along with the winning teams, are featured in the South Hook LNG 2020 Calendar.
The twelve winning schools in the South Hook LNG 2020 Calendar Competition ‘Recreate a World Wonder’ are:
Pembrokeshire Learning Centre, Redhill High, Templeton, Roch, Tavernspite, Haverfordwest VC High, Golden Grove, St Teilo’s, Portfield, Milford Haven, Narberth and St Francis.
 Photo captions:  Sculptures from each of the winning schools, with the teams that created them.

1. Pembrokeshire Learning Centre: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

2. Redhill High School: Easter Island Heads

3. Templeton Primary School: Victoria Falls

4. Roch Community School: The Great Pyramid of Giza.

5. Tavernspite Primary School: Leaning Tower of Pisa.

6. Haverfordwest High VC School: Great Barrier Reef.

7. Golden Grove Community School: Stonehenge.

8. St Teilo’s Catholic Primary School: The Amazon Rainforest.

9. Portfield School: The Taj Mahal.

10. Milford Haven School - The Colosseum.

11. Narberth Primary School: St Basil’s Cathedral.

12. St Francis Catholic Primary School: Christ the Redeemer.