South Hook LNG supports Lifesaving Equipment

17th Jan 18

Tenby & Saundersfoot Community First Responders have placed six lifesaving defibrillators at locations in the south of the County, following a £5,000 boost from South Hook LNG’s Community Fund.

Key to the immediate treatment of those experiencing a cardiac arrest, the defibrillators will assist the Community & First Responder Team who regularly attend 999 calls on behalf of the Welsh Ambulance Service, often being able to access rural areas more quickly through their volunteer network.

“The £5,000 donation from South Hook LNG has allowed defibrillators to be placed in New Hedges, Amroth, Begelly, Pentlepoir, Cresselly and Saundersfoot,” commented Luke Treharne, Trustee of Tenby & Saundersfoot Community Responders.

Speaking of the support given by South Hook LNG, PR Manager Mariam Dalziel said “This equipment will hopefully go a long way to supporting the valuable work of the First Responders Team, providing important assistance to more rural areas of our community. We are pleased to have been able to support the project.”

The South Hook LNG Community Fund, in partnership with Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS), helps Pembrokeshire communities through financial support. Details of how to apply for funding support can be found on the PAVS website (

IMAGE CAPTION: Luke Treharne and Tony Wall, volunteers with Tenby & Saundersfoot Community First Responders with Gerrit Schultz and Mariam Dalziel of South Hook LNG Terminal.