Transportation : Shipping

Transportation: Shipping

When LNG is transported by sea it is pumped into state-of-the-art double-hulled vessels, specially designed as part of the supply chain, to accommodate the low temperatures of LNG.  The cargo is not kept under pressure during the voyage.

The new generation of LNG carriers are 80% larger than conventional LNG vessels and have cargo capacities ranging between 210,000m3 and 266,000m3.  Unlike conventional LNG ships, Q-Flex and Q-Max ships are equipped with on-board liquefaction facilities, so cargo boil-off will be returned to the cargo tanks, maximising cargo delivery.

The LNG is transported 6,140 nautical miles from Qatar to Milford Haven.  The voyage takes up to 18 days, on average, through the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Suez Canal and the Mediterranean, to the western entry point of the UK.


Take the journey the gas takes

To learn how the natural gas is extracted in Qatar and shipped to the UK, click on the image below.  Move right/left through the supply chain journey by hovering over the white arrows or scrolling with your mouse wheel.