Regasification in West Wales

Regasification at South Hook LNG Terminal

On arrival at South Hook LNG Terminal the LNG is pumped ashore into double-walled, insulated tanks, where the LNG is stored at close to atmospheric pressure at approximately minus 160 degrees centigrade.

The LNG is converted back to natural gas through a process known as regasification. When natural gas is needed the LNG is passed through Submerged Combustion Vaporisers.  Each vaporiser includes a bundle of tubes housed in a bath of tepid water where the LNG is gently warmed to a point where it reverts to its gaseous state.

The gas is then transported via pipeline for distribution to residential, commercial and industrial end-users across the UK.  South Hook LNG plays a key role in providing up to 20% of the UK’s current natural gas needs.


Take the journey the gas takes

To learn how the natural gas is extracted in Qatar and shipped to the UK, click on the image below.  Move right/left through the supply chain journey by hovering over the white arrows or scrolling with your mouse wheel.