Treatment and Liquefaction

Natural Gas Treatment and Liquefaction

The natural gas is piped from the gas field to a processing plant at Ras Laffan Industrial City in the north of Qatar where is it cleaned of impurities and liquefied by cooling it to a temperature of approximately minus 160 degrees centigrade.

When natural gas is liquefied it is reduced to one six hundredth of its original size; the equivalent of a beach ball being reduced to the size of a table tennis ball.  Converting natural gas into LNG makes it easier to store and transport. 

The liquid is then stored at sub-zero temperatures in specially insulated storage tanks, similar to large thermos flasks.


Take the journey the gas takes

To learn how the natural gas is extracted in Qatar and shipped to the UK, click on the image below.  Move right/left through the supply chain journey by hovering over the white arrows or scrolling with your mouse wheel.