The Supply Chain

The Qatargas 2 Supply Chain

The supply chain is the process that takes natural gas from its source in the gas fields off the coast of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, to the end user.  The supply chain involves the following four elements.

  1. Extraction in Qatar
  2. Treatment and Liquefaction in Qatar
  3. Transportation: Shipping
  4. Receiving and Regasification at South Hook LNG in Milford Haven, West Wales

The South Hook LNG Terminal is the receiving and regasification end of the world’s first global, fully integrated supply chain, the Qatargas 2 supply chain. Other Qatargas supply chains are transporting LNG to other parts of the world. 

The supply chain starts 6,140 nautical miles away in the Gulf state of Qatar, where the Qatargas 2 Shareholders pioneered and launched the Qatargas 2 supply chain. It was a project that astounded the world, with its cutting edge technology and unprecedented scale. 

The South Hook LNG Terminal received is first cargo of LNG in March 2009 and was fully operational by April 1st 2010.

For more information on Qatargas visit their website


Take the journey the gas takes

To learn how the natural gas is extracted in Qatar and shipped to the UK, click on the image below.  Move right/left through the supply chain journey by hovering over the white arrows or scrolling with your mouse wheel.