Legal Documentation

Legal Documentation

The relevant legal documents applicable to use of the Terminal are:

  • Terminal Access Code (TAC)

The TAC contains the terms and conditions applying between the Terminal Operator and Users (both the Base User and Additional Users) on which Terminal Capacity may be held and used

  •  Terminal Access Agreement (TAA)

The TAA is a short bilateral agreement between a User and the Terminal Operator.  It incorporates and gives contractual effect to the TAC

  • South Hook Manual (SHM)

The SHM sets out detailed technical and procedural requirements in support of the TAC, including the web-based Terminal Access and Planning System (TAPS) for commercial communications, LNG tanker vetting, ship-shore procedures.  It also includes the detailed auction procedures and the Terminal Operator's credit policy.  The TAC makes the SHM binding on Users

  • Network Entry Provisions (NEPs)

The NEPs are provisions relating to gas specification and measurement (relevant to the terms of a User's service at the Terminal) incorporated in the Network Entry Agreement (NEA) between the Terminal Operator and National Grid Gas in respect of the UK National Transmission System (NTS)

In addition, before copies of the above documents are made available to a prospective Additional User, a Confidentiality Agreement must be signed in favour of the Terminal Operator.


This is produced as a guide only. The full terms and conditions for Secondary terminal capacity in the South Hook LNG Terminal are not set out in this document but will be accessible to Additional Users as set out herein. South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd expressly excludes any liability on its part arising from reliance upon statements in this guidance document by Additional Users. This guidance document is subject to change from time to time.