How to become an Additional User

How to become an Additional User of South Hook LNG Terminal

Where TAC (Terminal Access Code) or SHB (South Hook Bundle) are referenced, refer to detail provided in the Guidance Document.

A party wishing to have access to Secondary Terminal Capacity at the Terminal must become an Additional User. In order to become an Additional User the party must:

  • Demonstrate to the Terminal Operator that the necessary arrangements are in place for the redelivery of regasified LNG to the NTS (see section 4 – Access to secondary Terminal Capacity)
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of £10,000; and
  • Sign a Terminal Access Agreement (TAA) (under which the TAC is made binding)

A party may become an Additional User without having already made specific arrangements to acquire secondary Terminal Capacity (but as described in section 4 – Access to secondary Terminal Capacity, additional requirements apply when an Additional User acquires a SHB).

In order to become an Additional User the following steps must be followed:

1. Download the standard Confidentiality Agreement, complete all details as required, print and execute two (2) originals of that Agreement

Applicants are advised that this is a standard document applicable to all applicants and material amendments will not be accepted

2. Send:

  • The executed originals of the Confidentiality Agreement; and
  • A letter of application stating:
    • Name and address of the applicant's registered office or equivalent
    • A brief summary of the applicant’s interest and participation in the LNG/Gas market

By registered post to the Terminal Operator: 


South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd
Dale Road
Milford Haven
SA73 3SU 

Telephone:   +44 (0) 1437 782066
Contact:       Elvan Akkaya, Commercial Adviser

3. Upon receiving the executed Confidentiality Agreement and letter of application, the Terminal Operator will send the applicant:

  • Counter-signed executed original of the Confidentiality Agreement
  • Payment instructions for the application fee of £10,000

4. The applicant must pay the application fee in accordance with the payment instructions

5. Upon  receiving  the  payment  of  the  application  fee,  the  Terminal. Operator will send the applicant copies of the following documents:

  • Terminal Access Agreement (TAA)
  • Terminal Access Code (TAC)
  • South Hook Manual (SHM)
  • Network Entry Provisions (NEPS)

6. The applicant must:

  • Complete and execute two (2) originals of the TAA; and
  • Send the form and two (2) originals of the TAA by registered post to the address set out under paragraph 2. above

After successful verification of the relevant information supplied by the applicant, the Terminal Operator will counter sign and return executed originals of the TAA.


This is produced as a guide only. The full terms and conditions for Secondary terminal capacity in the South Hook LNG Terminal are not set out in this document but will be accessible to Additional  Users as set out herein. South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd expressly excludes any liability on its part arising from reliance upon statements in this guidance document by Additional Users. This guidance document is subject to change from time to time.