Planning & Scheduling Foreman

Planning & Scheduling Foreman

The Planning & Scheduling Foreman is a key position within the Operations Department and ensures the 28-day Maintenance Plan is in place, maintained and effective (i.e. working some weeks ahead of the maintenance trade disciplines, planning and preparing for the successful completion of future maintenance work).  That includes working very closely with the Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument & Controls Foremen on what is planned and later measuring the success of execution because of the planning effort.

As Planning & Scheduling Foreman, you will direct all necessary administrative support, enabling the Foremen and Technicians for each maintenance craft to concentrate on task supervision and flawless execution.  You will be responsible for the assignment of activities through Planning & Scheduling workflows (e.g. maintenance of safety critical equipment, reliability centred maintenance equipment strategies, asset life plans, risk-based work selection, effective planning, scheduling, a ‘managed backlog’, quality assurance and control processes and their continuous improvement).

From time-to-time, you will stand-in for your direct reports (Maintenance Planners and the Maintenance Scheduler); including custody of computerised maintenance management system activities and being an intelligent customer for any prospective updates/upgrades, and you will assist the Maintenance Superintendent in priority setting, allocation of resources, job methods and oversight of appropriate work standards.

Key tasks and duties: 

  • Focal point of planning effort, providing the Maintenance Superintendent with an updated profile and proposed plans for approval
  • Responsible for the overarching Maintenance Planning & Scheduling processes, and ensures corrective works are sufficiently documented, are in place and are effective, e.g. deciding in advance what maintenance types to use to manage the various operating risks of the Terminal
    Accountable that the schedules are in alignment with approved Maintenance Strategy, taking a project management perspective, establishing the sequence and relationship of a series of actions and requirements, prior to maintenance work commencing, along with procuring and providing the parts and resources needed to deliver the work plan Prepare 5-Year High Level Maintenance Schedule and rolling 12-Week Maintenance Schedule. Setting clear expectations that scheduling is not planning and ensuring that the schedule indicates what is to be done, when, by whom and with what equipment, through clear direction to the Maintenance Scheduler
  • Follows up with the Planners on the status of work completion against plan and that job methods (e.g. work order detail, task sequencing, job hours to complete tasks etc.) are captured, improved or optimised thereafter
  • Fully responsible for the deferment process for Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) and related work
  • Monitors ‘wrench time’ and applies continuous improvement to enhance productivity Leads the daily RBWS meeting and weekly Scheduling Meeting from a maintenance resourcing, planning and scheduling perspective and assigns tasks to direct reports. Ensures the Scheduling and Planning section within maintenance is resourced at all times, to meet the needs of the Business CMMS / SAP management, accountable for the quality of data for analysis and decision making. Controls maintenance records (i.e. Work Oder detail accuracy, timeliness, usefulness and completeness)
  • Owns the planning strategy and its implementation with clear direction and leadership, with no conflict of interest when prioritising work (e.g., out-of-hours working is an exception)
  • Set relevant, effective on-going goals to direct reports so that they are focusing on adding value
  • Manages direct reports and addresses performance issues themselves, in the first instance without escalating (but informing), the Maintenance Superintendent
  • Held responsible to ensure best practices are followed and integrated into Maintenance Planning & Scheduling South Hook LNG policies & procedures
  • Day-to-day contact point for all feedback and suggestions related to the Maintenance Quality Plan
  • Assess QA/QC work activity requirements during the detailed work-order planning and closure phase
  • Undertake similar or related tasks and duties, as directed by the line Manager

To apply for this postiion, you should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Ideally HNC / HND qualified in a related Engineering/Maintenance discipline
  • Extensive experience in maintenance and full appreciation of planning and operational requirements of a large scale complex (preferably in the oil or gas industry)
  • Experience as a Planner, Foreman or other Supervisory positions
  • Be a competent user of SAP Computerised Maintenance Management System
  • Be able to adapt and prioritise resource and work, to meet business needs
  • Work to high personal standards and professional integrity
  • Have the ability to communicate and implement maintenance execution plans flawlessly
  • Have planning and man-management skills.

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